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As a reliable partner to therapists, physicians, and or health care professionals, we are shaping a piece of medical progress – in the service of new therapeutic procedures with a never-ending roster of Storz leading edge products

Unique pioneering achievements, such as the invention of the electromagnetic cylindrical source or the first use of shock waves for cardiac revascularization, as well as combined shock wave therapy (focused and radial) for pathological changes in tendons, ligaments, capsules, muscles, and bones, represent STORZ MEDICAL’s broad range of services in the field of shock wave therapy.

As early as the mid-1990s, STORZ MEDICAL recognized the effectiveness of shock waves for peripheral neurological diseases such as spastic movement disorders. The first treatments of patients with Alzheimer’s dementia have been carried out since 2015, in close cooperation with clinical partners in Germany and Austria. With Transcranial Pulse Stimulation (TPS®), STORZ MEDICAL offers a therapy option for mild and moderate Alzheimer’s dementia that has been approved in Europe since 2018. The goal of TPS® is to improve or maintain the cognitive abilities of people with Alzheimer’s dementia through non-invasive focal brain stimulation.

With Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy (EMTT®), STORZ MEDICAL has launched a new non-invasive procedure in 2020 for the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal disorders, which are the most common cause of (chronic) pain worldwide. These disorders include back pain and osteoarthritis as well as typical sports injuries such as inflammation of the tendons and joints.