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Masterpuls One Shockwave Therapy System SWT Orthopaedics


Since pioneering the world’s first STORZ MEDICAL shock wave system in 1988, we have led continuous innovation in extracorporeal shock wave therapy. STORZ MEDICAL is recognized globally for delivering non-invasive solutions to critical therapeutic challenges.

Introducing the MASTERPULS ONE radial pressure wave system, designed for optimal ease of use, compactness, efficiency, and portability. This innovative system reflects our commitment to advancing shock wave technology.

The MASTERPULS ONE serves as an ideal compact and versatile pressure wave starter model for treating a wide range of standard indications. Its user-friendly design and mobility make it a preferred choice for therapists seeking effective shock wave therapy solutions.

  • Ideal starter model or add-on
  • Easy to use and versatile in the application
  • Best »shock wave therapy companion«, even outside the therapist’s office
  • Dimensions: 289 x 238 x 310 mm
  • Weight: 9.8 kg
  • 6 energy levels: 6 – 18 Hz / max. 2.7 bar
Masterpuls One SWT Orthopaedics

The SPARROW™ handpiece of the MASTERPULS ONE

Kinetic energy is introduced into the target area inside the patient’s body as the compressed air-powered projectile strikes the elastically suspended transmitter. The pressure waves produced in this manner propagate across large tissue areas.

The newly developed SPARROW radial handpiece is minimalist design at its best. Excellent damping during pressure wave generation reduces handpiece vibrations. As a result, the MASTERPULS ONE is approved for operation far longer than a working day, longer than many other radial pressure wave systems available today.

Thanks to its light-weight design and ergonomic shape, the SPARROW handpiece ensures effortless handling and treatment. The handpiece can be serviced directly by the user, which saves costs.

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