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Transcranial stimulation involves the application of electrical currents or magnetic fields to modulate brain activity non-invasively. This innovative technology, such as the STORZ MEDICAL NEUROLITH SD1, offers promising therapeutic applications in neurology. These devices can be utilized for conditions like chronic pain management, stroke rehabilitation, and neurological disorders, providing a safe and effective alternative for patients seeking advanced treatment options. SWT Orthopaedics is proud to offer the NEUROLITH SD1, empowering healthcare professionals with cutting-edge tools to optimize patient care and outcomes in neurology.


SWT Orthopaedics introduces Neurolith, a cutting-edge Transcranial Pulse Stimulation (TPS) system developed by Storz Medical. This revolutionary technique delivers short acoustic pulses with ultrasound frequency, allowing unparalleled focal brain stimulation up to 8 cm deep. Neurolith stands out as the only clinically validated complete acoustic transcranial stimulation system. It includes a transducer probe, real-time stimulation visualization software (BodyTrack®) based on personalized MRI, neuronavigation for precise probe placement, stimulation documentation, and access to a robust subject database. With over 1500 validated stimulation sessions as of February 2019, Neurolith represents a groundbreaking advancement in transcranial stimulation technology.
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