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STORZ MEDICAL AG – Radial Shock Wave Therapy

There is no talking about shock waves today without talking about STORZ MEDICAL, too. When Dr h.c. Karl Storz laid the foundations of the KARL STORZ Group back in 1945, it was hard to imagine what an enormous influence the products from this think tank would have not only on endoscopy but also on shock wave therapy. STORZ MEDICAL’s presentation of the first worldwide prototype of a urological shock wave device in 1988 was followed by a series of technological innovations in the field of extracorporeal shock wave therapy. Non-invasive solutions for urgent therapeutic problems consolidated the reputation of STORZ MEDICAL as the leading enterprise in shock wave technology in the world.

The new MASTERPULS® »ultra« line stands out because of its technological innovations, reliability and precision down to the last detail. The enlarged energy range of the »FALCON« handpiece and the versatile transmitters extend the lead in radial shock wave therapy.

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»Master Edition« System Overview

MASTERPULS® MP50, MP100 & MP200 »ultra« – The New Radial Shock Wave Generation

The radial shock wave systems of the MASTERPULS® »ultra« line are characterized by their compact dimensions, high reliability, low maintenance costs and silent on-board »Air Power« drive. Radial shock wave therapy and V-ACTOR® vibration therapy with the MASTERPULS® MP200 »ultra« are complemented by VACU-ACTOR® vacuum therapy.

Unique ergonomic design: All important control elements are integrated into the »FALCON« handpiece display and, thus, facilitate uninterrupted and quick treatment directly at the patient. The shock wave device itself becomes less important.

The MASTERPULS® »ultra« fits into every surgery and its colour can be adapted individually to the surgery surroundings. The exchangeable coloured accessories are available in green, blue, orange, and black.


  • Individual choice of colour (green, blue, orange, black)
  • Effective and non-tiring treatment directly at the patient
  • All control elements integrated into the »FALCON« handpiece
  • Energy range from 0.3 bareff
  • VACU-ACTOR® vacuum therapy (MP200 »ultra« only)
  • VACU-Cups for vacuum therapy, available in 4 sizes
  • (Ø 25 mm, Ø 33 mm, Ø 47 mm, Ø 62 mm)
  • Optional operation via 10” touch screen


Radial Innovations

(MASTERPULS® MP100 and MP200 »ultra« only)
The newly developed »FALCON« handpiece with the »Active-tip-control« display is setting innovative standards in radial shock wave therapy. All the important control elements have been integrated into the handpiece. Frequency and energy levels can be adjusted directly via selector buttons. The total number of applied pulses can be controlled well.


  • »Active-tip-control« Display
  • Pressure range 0.3 – 5 bareff
  • Ergonomic design of the handpiece
  • Innovative »Active-tip-control« display with pressure and frequency selection
  • Individual Parameter Setting« (IPS-Control) for different indications
  • Pulse triggering through »Skin Touch« function