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“I wanted to let anyone interested to know that I have had ken do treatments on me for two muscular issues.   I have a history of Plantar Fasciitis and Ken suggested he could help.  He did a series of SWT treatments which were instrumental in solving the problem.  Without those the nagging problem just kept dragging along.  So happy to have had resolution.

Later I also had a piriformis and glute med issue of pain and discomfort.   Ken did a number of treatments and also prescribed a physio strength program to strengthen the area.  It was a large contributor to my improvement which although not complete is highly improved.    Shock wave and strengthening truly helped.”

Derek Thompson
Collingwood, Canada



“It is with pleasure that I provide feedback on the multiple expert treatments that Ken Brown provided to assist my tennis elbow issue that is now I am happy to say 100% recovered.  Beyond actually treating with shock wave, Ken also provided a series of rehab exercises that further assisted and expedited my getting back to normal.  I cannot speak highly enough of Ken’s expertise in the rehab of my issue and am a total believer in the value of the amazing Storz Medical shock wave equipment that he so professionally did the treatments with.”

Louis Duranleau
Collingwood, Canada



“Mr. Ken Brown first introduced Storz extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) to Jamaica in 2016.  He was contacted by Dr. Akshai Mansingh, Orthopaedic  surgeon and Head of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Sports Medicine Clinic, and was brought to Jamaica to the UWI to introduce the ESWT technology.

While many of us as clinicians had been somewhat familiar with or introduced to shock waves in the form of lithotripsy for pathologies such as kidney stones, the majority of us were not familiar with ESWT for musculoskeletal issues. Mr. Brown however provided very thorough demonstrations of the Masterpuls MP200 series unit acquired by Dr. Mansingh and the UWI, to the Sports Medicine Clinic staff; familiarizing us with the research behind ESWT, training us in its use, and also in the multiple features and maintenance of the MP200 unit.

As part of his instruction on treatment using the MP200 for ESWT, Mr. Brown demonstrated a series of movements to do with patients – what he called a special alignment technique – that was to increase the effectiveness of the ESWT treatments especially for soft-tissue problems. This special alignment technique was especially relevant to us Physical Therapists who would be using the ESWT for our patients. We all had the opportunity to practice the alignment technique and treatments using various parameters of the MP200 during Mr. Brown’s live teaching, which would later prove to be most useful to us clinicians who would be using the MP200 in the UWI Sports Medicine Clinic. For us as Physical Therapists Mr. Brown also emphasized the need to accompany ESWT with appropriate adjunct treatments, including relevant exercises and taping techniques; again, these bits of advice have been most useful for us and our patients.

In addition to his instructions and demonstrations, Mr. Brown also provided us with a good amount of relevant literature regarding ESWT as well as the MP200, viz. related articles, web links, and books on ESWT for soft tissue injuries such as tendinopathies. Additionally, given his successful introduction of ESWT to the UWI Sports Medicine Clinic, Mr. Brown was later asked to present on and demonstrate ESWT at the Jamaica Association of Sports Medicine’s Sports Medicine Conference later in 2016, to present the ESWT to a wider audience of physicians, surgeons and Physical Therapists here in Jamaica. His presentation and demonstrations were well received at the conference, with other clinicians expressing interest in obtaining Masterpuls units, some of whom have indeed since purchased for their own practices. He was a very useful addition as a guest speaker at the Sports Medicine conference.

Mr. Brown has continued to make himself available for easy contact with any follow-up questions or issues we may have, including providing helpful tips on using ESWT for various conditions. He continues to be our resource person when it comes to ESWT, and undoubtedly does the same for other facilities that have since purchased Storz Masterpuls units. We are happy to continue our successful relationship

with him and with Storz Medical, and would readily recommend him and Storz Medical to other facilities and conferences to present and discuss extracorporeal shockwave technology.”

Dr. Dialo-Rudolph B. Brown, DPT, MSSM, CSCS
Doctor of Physical Therapy,
Sports Physical Therapist,
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus, Jamaica, West Indies 



“Mr. Brown is an exemplary teacher who provided meaningful practical examples to illustrate important points. His presentation of the features of the Shock Wave Therapy (SWT) machine with the transition to the benefits was greatly appreciated, as the students and professional Physical Therapists in attendance, saw the value of the equipment as an advanced therapeutic option in the management of acute and chronic injuries.
The training session was enhanced through his presentation skills, prompts to ascertain that the audience was engaged and enlistment of audience participation to experience the ‘sensation’ provided by the machine. This was useful as the students and practitioners would be now able to safely describe the sensation to the patients/clients.
As a sales person, he provided follow-up on the equipment purchase as well as updates on its application. I highly recommend Mr. Ken Brown as an expert on the sales, promotion and demonstration of the use and value of Shock Wave Technology equipment.”

Dr. Donna-Marie Wynter-Adams
Head, Caribbean School of Sport Sciences
Faculty of Science and Sport



“Over the past decade have had the privilege to learn of a wide range of physical rehabilitation technology, however, none compares to SWT and recently Deep Oscillation Therapy. Traditional methodologies to generalize can take weeks or months to assist a patient in recovery from a wide range of injuries.   SWT alone has cut recovery times to less than half and even more with the blended use of SWT and Deep Oscillation therapies. Ken Brown of the SWT Therapy Group has kindly taught me and our clinic staff in Jamaica how to become expert in using both technologies, which any clinic would be wise to add to their practice.”

Matthew Parchment
Clinic Director
Synergistic Health
Kingston Jamaica



“Over the past two years I have had recurring tennis elbow, which has made any use of my arm painful. And until recently I had not found a treatment that would provide relief, other than ibuprofen and ice. A couple of months ago I started a series of Shock Wave Treatments (SWT) that seems to have permanently fixed my painful elbow. The therapy is not painless but worth enduring because it works and have no hesitation to recommend it. It is great to have the SWT treatment technology now available in Collingwood vs having to travel to Barrie or Toronto.”

Brett Proctor
Skiis and Biikes
Collingwood, Canada



“I have been using the Storz Medical shockwave for about three months now (Aug.2014) and have seen remarkable results within just a few sessions. I have used it to successfully treat professional athletes with patellar tendonitis to the general population who suffer from chronic planter fasciitis. The shockwave is a great non-invasive, efficient, and safe method to treat tendonitis, bursitis, and myofascial pain.”

Dr. Chris Herrera
Jaguar Therapy
Miami, Florida, USA



“Congratulations for introducing Storz ESWT to the Dominican Republic. Our multi-disciplinary Medical Center purchased the Storz MP 100 Shock Wave unit in November of 2006. We have treated over a thousand patients with Shockwave Therapy achieving greater than 90% success for chronic near-bone tendinopathies and plantar fasciitis. As a result of our success the majority of the local medical community is now referring their clients to us exclusively for this technology.”

Dr. Jamie Grimes DC
Victoria, B.C. Canada




“I have been competing in national level tennis tournaments over the past four years and had ever increasing shoulder issues resulting in two surgeries along with one stem cell injection, 4 PRP injections, hours of physical therapy, daily use of a Class 1V laser and still pain at the origin of my deltoid, where it attaches to the acromion. My surgeon recently had an ultra sound that he concluded it showed a lot of scar tissue and calcification, which he was unable to remove without compromising the deltoid attachment, thus the ongoing pain regardless of the surgical attempt to repair my shoulder. My surgeon then recommended cortisone and a needling technique and before going forward, decided to review alternatives. After extensive research, learned about shock wave, (ESWT) and assessed various companies concluding that Storz was the market leader. I found likely the best website on ESWT being and commenced extensive discussions with the companies’ highly knowledgeable principle Ken Brown which resulted in my purchasing a Storz device. Ken provided me with a custom designed shock wave treatment program and continues to furnish me with extensive ESWT advice. Just two months ago I was wondering if I would ever be able to serve again. After a series of treatments personally overseen by Ken, I am now 99% pain free I am absolutely very happy. I am now treating my acute hip flexor tendonitis and am nearing a pain free state there as well. Elation would be an understatement. I am thrilled to have found Shockwave Therapy and Ken Brown, whose tactful treatment protocol has achieved remarkable results, for which I am so grateful. My physical therapy clinic in Miami (one of the largest in the country) have been so impressed by my results that they are now offering ESWT in their practice with Storz equipment.”

T. Taylor
Miami, Fl, USA



“My job keeps me on my feet for many hours a day. After a month of an uncomfortable feeling behind my knee, which evolved into trouble walking and climbing stairs, I began Shock Wave Treatments as an alternative to physiotherapy. So far, I have noticed a remarkable difference and after only a few sessions, the problem seems to have disappeared. The treatments are quick and painless (in my opinion) and I would not hesitate to use SWT again in the future should the need arise.”

Sherry Rioux
Collingwood, On, Canada



“Regular exercise is really important to me and I have had a chronic high hamstring injury that was not improving with the routine stretching/strengthening/ultrasound and acupuncture! I took the plunge, trying Shock Wave Therapy and was surprised to see that after 7 treatments (about 10 min each) and I continued to do my home stretching and stregthening programme that I have significatnly improved! I am now able to walk (even run!) up stairs without difficulty, bend forward on one foot and have resumed jogging and biking.”

Dr. Jennifer Young
Collingwood, On, Canada



“One of the challenges we face as rehabilitation specialists is to discover and utilize procedures that offer the patient the most treatment potential with the least damage to their quality of life. In cases that affect tendons, ligaments, bursas, we are finding Shock Wave Therapy to be one of our best resources. Immediate improvement is reported with minimal side effects. We are resolving shoulder and Achilles tendon calcifications without invasive surgery involving long and difficult recovery periods. Our results are in line with those reported in the international medical journals. We are at a 91% success rate in calcified tendinitis, a 77% rate in pain from tennis elbow injuries, and a 90% level in resolving plantar fasciitis problems. Other similar positive results are being noted in pathologies involving tendons, bursas and shoulder disorders.”

Dr. Buenaventura Garcia Chaljub
Medical Director REHAB, Santo Domingo



“I went to the Doctor with a sore back, neck and shoulders and thank God for Shock Wave Treatment, which after three sessions, I feel better and I am now almost 100% pain free. I am so thankful SVVT has come to the Dominican Republic.”

Sra. Esperanza Lithgow



“For more than a year, I’ve been suffering excruciating pain in my right ankle. First it was tolerable, but it worsened with time and stopped me from my regular exercising, even turning basic actions like stair climbing to a big challenge, because of the pain it caused. My diagnosis was multiple: tendinitis primary to the right ankle After a couple of Shockwave Therapy sessions, I observed a notable difference, and started recovering proper function in my foot. I continued the treatment and I’m back at the gym and exercising regularly in strength and endurance, I run, I lift weights… And, of course, my daily activities are performed without any pain. Shockwave Therapy has been effective for me, getting rid of the pain and getting my life back, and only in 6 sessions!”

Lic. Magin J. Diaz.
Santo Domingo



“I want to thank Elaine Brown a professional nurse from Canada, for introducing and treating me with the Swiss Shock Wave Treatment (SWT) technology. After eight treatments with the Storz Medical Equipment, my ugly bumpy scar has now been transformed flat, smooth and even with more matching skin color. I was about to consider plastic surgery at a cost of over $10,000. U.S. dollars plus travel costs to another city and healing time. I paid a fraction of what the surgery would have cost and the best of all SWT is non invasive without hardly any pain during treatments. I am so happy to be able to once again wear clothing I could not before, and am so glad that we have this technology here in Dominican Republic.”

Yossette Ortiz
Sosua, Dominican Republic